Q: Can I choose which vaccine I am getting?

A: No. All autumn boosters will be Spikevax (previously known as Moderna)


Q: Am i eligible for a autumn booster?

A: Our patients who are eligible must have had 2 previous COVID vaccinations, the second vaccine must have been given at least 91 days before and you must be in an eligible category.


Q: Have there been any reactions to the vaccine?

A: Yes, sore arms and tiredness are common side effects, also general aches. The side effects are usually mild and transient.


Q: Do I need to discuss my allergies with my GP before vaccination?

A: No, you will be counselled prior to your vaccination on the day. Should you need more information, please ring the National Helpline - 119.


Q: How long after having a shingles vaccination do I have to wait for my COVID vaccination?

A: 7 days


Q: Can I have a COVID booster and a flu vaccine on the same day ?

A: Yes, it is recommended to have both vaccines on the same day.

It saves our patients' time and can lessen the administrative burden on our healthcare system.


Q: My consultant says I should have the vaccination as a priority.

A: We are following the national priority guidelines and are not able to alter eligibility based on anyone else's specialist opinion.


Q: What are the current guidelines if I have tested positive for COVID19?

A: Please see latest guidance here: What to do if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) or symptoms of COVID-19 - NHS (www.nhs.uk)