Q: How much time do I need to leave between vaccinations(i.e flu jab, pneumo vaccine) and Covid-19 vaccine?

A: 7 days. The reason for the gap is not due to safety/inefficiency but simply to separate any side effects from a vaccine.


Q: I have had Covid, when can I have the vaccine and will it flare my Covid?

A: 28 days is the recommended interval - not for safety reasons/efficiency - but to ensure any side effects of Covid are not to blame on a vaccine.


Q: Can I choose which vaccine I am getting?

A: No. We are given vaccines and offer them as soon as they arrive. Our plan will be to get two doses delivered of the same vaccine(following teh latest scientific advice) within 3-12 weeks. Both Pfizer an AstraZeneca vaccines are very safe vaccines, regardless of the 15minute wait or not.


Q: Have there been any reactions to the vaccine?

A: Yes, sore arms and tiredness are common side effects, also general aches. The side effects are usually mild and transient.


Q: Do I need to discuss my allergies with my GP before vaccination?

A: No, you will be counselled prior to your vaccination on the day. Should you need more information, please ring the National Helpline - 119.


Q: I have had my first vaccine, when is my next?

A: We expect to recall you between 3-12 weeks of the date of your fist vaccine.


Q: How long after having Covid do I have to wait for vaccination?

A: 28 days


Q: I have an exemption to wearing a face mask when I attend the clinic.

A: Our marshalls may ask you to have a Lateral Flow test before entering the surgery, please note there may be a delay of at least 15minutes.


Q: I have missed my second vaccination due to illness/hospitalisation/isolation.

A: Unfortunately, we can not bring you forward. We anticipate recalling you 8-12 weeks of your original vaccination date.


Q: My consultant says I should have the vaccination as a priority.

A: We are following the national priority guidelines and are not able to alter eligibility based on anyone else's specialist opinion.


Q: My consultant says I can't have surgery/chemotherapy until I am vaccinated.

A: This is not national policy. We are not able to give anyone a vaccine not in the current priority group. This should not prevent you from having chemotherapy or surgery.


Q: Can I book both my first and my second appointment for the Covid vaccine?

A: No, unfortunately we cannot book both appointments; we will get in touch as soon as possible to book the appointment for your booster.