As a practice, we have decided not to give out cards to prove the Covid vaccination.

The NHS App is now providing patients who have had a Covid vaccination with proof, a so-called “vaccine passport”. Patients can either check their COVID-19 vaccine record or share their Covid-19 vaccine status.

Booster vaccinations are now available on the NHS App as well. Vaccination details like batch numbers and expiry dates are available in your medical record. We are working extremely hard to make access as quick and easy as possible and many of you will already have access to the NHS App.

You can also call 119 to get written evidence if you require it from that point. Please See here for the App

Please note it may take up to ten days to update your COVID-19 vaccine status on our medical record. Please bear with us, with tens of thousands of patients to provide care for, vaccinate and all the other activities we do currently it may take a short time to give you full access.

Please do not contact the surgery demanding immediate access to this info as doing so can disrupt the care we need to give to patients - which is currently at a very high demand level.

We will work with our partners to get this sorted as fast as we can, just as we have done in delivering you both vaccinations in the first place.

For any queries around eligibility or suitability for the vaccination programme please ring the National helpline - 119. Please do ensure your contact details, including your mobile number are correct by logging in to your NHS App or SystmOnline portal to update them. Please register for Online Services and you can book the appointment for a COVID vaccine yourself.

If you would like to register for online services, click here for further information

To access online services click here

Please see here for the NHS App