In order to access your medical record, you need to register for Online Services.

You can update your contact details or submit any clinical information your clinician may have requested via SystmOnline, please go to our Online Services page to login or register.

It is important that we have up-to-date personal information and contact details for you. Having a correct mobile number and email address enables us to contact you more effectively about any health matters or initiatives relevant to you. If any of your details have changed in the recent past, please speak to a Receptionist or check and update your personal details via our online services.

If you would like to give permission for the Practice to discuss your medical record with someone else on your behalf, please fill in the Consent form and send it to us.

If you have requested access to Online Services on behalf of a child, please note this will automatically be removed when your child turns 11 as per national guidelines. Please speak to Reception for more information.

You can find more information about How We Use Your Information by viewing the documents below:

1_Resources to support practices with DSP Submissions and GDPR compliance


3_Information Asset Register

3_Data Flow

4a_Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

4b-Data and Information Security Policy

4c_Data Quality Policy

4d_Network Security Policy

4e_FOI Policy

4f_SAR Policy

4g-Smartcard Registration Authority Policy Statement

5a_DPIA business change analysis for imposed changes

5b_DPIA form for practices

5c_Data Protection by Design and by Default policy

5_Privacy_Notice_Feb 2021


7_Subject Access request (SAR) procedure

8_GDPR Guidance for GP staff

9_IG Spot check template


10b_IGA retention-schedules

11_How we use your information GP staff

12a_Staff IG Awareness Survey 2018

12b_Staff Information Governance Awareness Survey

13_Personal Data Breaches reported to ICO_ disclosure log

14a_Risk breakdown

14b_Example risks

15_DSP IR guidance


GDPR Data protection poster

GDPR Employee Privacy Notice

GDPR How we use your information

GDPR Privacy Notice June 2019

IG Breach reporting policy

IG responsibilities list

Information Asset Register

Information Governance Policy

Records management and document retention policy

Smartcard agreement

Smartcard policy