The Friends and Family Test is a quick and simple patient feedback tool to tell us how satisfied or dissatisfied you have been with your treatment or care at the surgery.

The information will give us valuable feedback on what you think of the care and treatment you have received and help us to improve the experience for patients in the future. The YouTube video below explains FFT in more detail.

There are two simple questions:

How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they need similar care or treatment? You will be asked to choose from 6 options, ranging from ‘extremely likely’ to ‘extremely unlikely’.

Overall how would you describe your experience of making an appointment? You will have 5 options to select from, ranging from ‘Very Good’ to ‘Very Poor’.

If you have experienced one of our services recently, you can do the test in one of three ways:

  • complete a paper form in the waiting room and post your response in the box provided in reception;
  • download the form here and post your response in the box provided in reception;
  • if you are signed up to our free text messaging service, you may be asked by text message.

All responses are anonymous and treated with discretion.