We follow the Department of Health guidance on childhood immunisation in accordance with their Standard UK Schedule set out on the NHS.UK website.

We encourage parents to consult the NHS.UK website to understand what is recommended for their child and make appropriate provision. It is always recommended that you stick to the appropriate immunisation dates, because the earlier your child is immunised the better protected they are.

The NHS.UK website should provide answers to most questions. However, if you have ongoing concerns, please make an appointment to discuss these with Dr Dave Kendall, who has a specialist interest in Child Health.

If your child’s immunisation schedule has been delayed or interrupted for any reason, it can be resumed again at any time. Please make sure you reschedule any missed appointments as soon as possible.

It is important that your child has a one month gap between each vaccination of the same type as this allows their body to build-up the necessary immunity to the bacteria or virus.