We provide a range of medical examinations and reports including:

  • comprehensive medical examinations and reports for employment requirements, driving fitness, HGV/taxis, sports fitness.
  • fit to travel certificates and freedom from infection reports
  • private health care claim verifications and private sick notes

All of these services attract a cost and are not covered by the NHS. Current charges are as follows:

Standard Forms & Certificates  £30
Standard Short Letter  £25
Passport/Driving Licence Countersignature  £15
Bus Pass Form  £10
Medical Examination (HGV, taxi, pilot, sports etc)  £130
Private Medical Examination  £60
Child Minder Health Form  £85
Copies of Full Medical Records  £50
Power of Attorney Visit and Report  £150
Power of Attorney Forms Only – No Visit  £55
GP Report  £105
GP Report (additional)  £50

All of the above charges are within the suggested guidelines and agreed by the British Medical Association.

Please speak to a Receptionist or visit our website for further information about making an appointment.