We offer a full family planning service to patients free of charge. This includes providing advice on:

  • family planning issues in general and associated prescriptions.
  • possible fitting of Intrauterine Devices (IUDs or ‘coils’), such as the Mirena coil
  • inserting long-acting reversible contraceptives, such as Implanon and Nexplanon, which provide contraception for up to 3 years without the need for regular check-ups or daily pill taking. These are delivered as a small rod beneath the skin under local anaesthetic.

All of the Practice GPs are able to discuss wider family planning issues and prescriptions. However, if you would like to discuss IUDs or long-acting contraceptives, please make an appointment with Dr Muirhead or Dr White who are trained in their counselling, insertion, follow-up and removal.

Before making an appointment, please refer to the Family Planning Association website for further helpful information on your options.

More information about the contraceptive methods can be found here.