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We are a large training General Practice with three surgeries, providing a range of primary healthcare services to over 19,000 patients living in Otley, Bramhope, Pool and surrounding areas.

This website provides useful information about us and how to access our services in the most appropriate way for your needs.

COVID-19 Vaccine - Important Information

You will have seen on the news that Public Health England (PHE) and the NHS are continuing to roll out a vaccination programme for COVID-19. Before any vaccines are approved for use they go through a strict process of clinical trials and safety checks. Your GP practice is working with other NHS providers, and our healthcare partners, to increase our offer to vaccinate as soon as doses become available to us to do so.

We have started the vaccination programme in partnership with our sister practices of Aireborough Family practice and Westgate surgery, using one of Chevin’s sites as a “Hub” - and we aim to vaccinate all our assigned priority groups, twice, within the next 3 months but this will depend upon a reliable and sustained vaccine delivery schedule from our suppliers. We will do what we can with the tools we are given.
Vaccines may ultimately be offered from a number of different locations in Leeds to make sure everyone in Otley who needs a vaccine is able to get one. We will share these details with our patients when that becomes relevant; For now, we are doing everything locally for our patients. 
Please could we kindly ask you to avoid calling the practice for information about the vaccine as we cannot provide any further details. We are experiencing high call volumes currently and calling for the vaccine may stop someone who needs urgent medical help getting through to us. We are working within strict local and national criteria and the realities of limited supplies. We can and will not veer from those criteria and haven’t the time to debate or discuss issues we have no control over as a result, clinical time lost to those we can help and influence with medical needs or urgent problems.
If you haven't received an invite yet, we will let you know when it's your turn to have the vaccine based on the latest advice on priority groups. We will get in touch as soon as possible to offer you an appointment. Please do not ring the surgery for an update. You must read the Patient Information leaflet before you attend your appointment for the Covid vaccine. For any queries around eligibility or suitability for the vaccination programme please ring the national helpline - 119. Please do ensure your contact details, including your mobile number are correct by logging in to your NHSApp or Systmonline portal to update them. Please register for Online Services and you can book the appointment for a COVID vaccine yourself.

If you would like to register for online services, click here for further information 

To access online services click here

Leeds City Council have kindly waived the parking fees for patients attending the COVID 19 vaccination clinics at Bridge Street Surgery.

Thank you for your support, we shall continue to support you all.



eConsult is a quick, easy and safe way for patients to contact the practice anytime, without having to travel to the practice or wait in a phone queue. 

A demo video is available here

Electronic Prescription Service

Please be aware we use the Electronic Prescription Service to send prescriptions electronically to local pharmacies. To enable us to process all prescriptions this way, please: 

•nominate a local pharmacy

•register for online services to order repeat prescriptions, or

•use the NHS App

If you order your prescriptions online, you no longer have to collect a paper repeat prescription from the surgery. Instead, if the repeat prescription is pre-authorised, you can go to the nominated pharmacy to pick up your medicines or medical appliances.

We are upgrading to the next phase of the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) which will mean that almost all our prescriptions will be processed electronically from 10th June 2020.
Electronic prescriptions help save the NHS money and is more convenient for patients.
You can read more on the NHS website https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/pharmacies/electronic-prescription-service/

NHS & Private Digital Hearing Aids

NHS & Private Digital Hearing Aids are now available at Chevin Medical Practice.

  • Latest digital technology
  • 3 year follow-up and servicing
  • Batteries and parts from your local surgery
  • Aim to be given hearing aids at first appointment
  • Hearing test and fitting at our Bramhope Surgery
  • If you've had your NHS hearing aids for more than 3 years, you may be eligible for new ones

Oticon 2

 Ask your GP for a referral or speak to Reception for more information.