Timescales for Routine Test results

Following a test, we may be anxious to know the results as quickly as possible. However, it is vital that you allow sufficient time for test results to be processed, returned to the practice and reviewed by clinical staff and the following minimum timescales apply:

  • Blood and Urine tests (5 working days after receipt by the lab)
  • X-Rays (10 working days after scan)
  • MRI, Ultrasound and CT (15 working days after investigation)
  • Cervical Smear (4 to 5 weeks from date of smear)

How to get your test results

If your results are normal, we will not routinely call to advise you. You will be contacted by the GP if there are any queries about your results.

If you wish to call us about your results once the minimum timescale has elapsed, please call the surgery after 2pm. However, it is important that you do not make an appointment to follow these up unless you have been requested to do so by the GP or nurse.

Sometimes we cannot give full results over the phone. If the result is complicated, or if the doctor wants to see you about the result, we will offer you an appointment.

Please note that for reasons of patient confidentiality, we are only able to disclose results to the patient concerned or to a named individual for whom the patient has given us written permission to disclose such medical information.


If you are calling about expediting a referral, please ensure you have contacted the hospital directly in the first instsance. The appropriate contact details to do this can be found on your letter from the hospital.

Please note your referral has already been triaged by the hospital, as such we are usually unable to help expedite this unless your situation has changed dramatically.